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Several factors have changed the way doctors and dentists make themselves available to patients. Gone are the days of doctor house calls, and today the rule is that you go to the doctor, whether you drive there or an ambulance takes you to the nearest hospital. Dentist took a while to make themselves available except in the most sire situations, but now the concept of the 24 hour dentist has come to pass all around the country – and the world.

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The Basics

The first group of people who would need to acquire the services of a 24 hour dentist would naturally be people who are involved in an accident. Injuries to teeth are often painful and affect the entire person’s body. The pain may not allow them to sleep, and normal eating is very likely impossible. In most cases, when people injure an arm or a leg, infection is a major concern. Dental injuries are no different in this regard.

A second group of people who need the services of an emergency dentist are people who have previous dental work performed and something goes wrong after the work is performed. This can be anything from a lost crown to an injury to the gums that develops later. There generally is a significant amount of pain experienced by the patient, and the solution is not pain medication but repairing the problem immediately. Oftentimes patients do themselves more harm than good by delaying going to the dentist.

This third group of emergency dentist candidates are those who simply have ignored their teeth and gum health for too long. People who develop abscesses or have let their teeth decay and are now experiencing significant pain need to see a 24 hour dentist.

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24 Hour Dentist Services

Emergency dentists are trained to deal with the immediate problem and will schedule a follow up visit shortly after the crisis has been resolved. The goal of the emergency dentist is the same as a dentist with regular hours – to save your teeth. Saving your teeth is directly connected to reducing the amount of pain you are in. Removing teeth is a last resort, so you can expect the same approach to dental treatment in a 24 hour service as you can in a regular hours visit.

Replacing a broken or chipped tooth is one of the more common dental emergencies encountered. Besides the pain, the tooth needs to be repaired to allow normal eating and chewing habits to continue. Many patients do not realize the importance of a damaged tooth until it affects their eating habits. The dentist will smooth out the tooth and create a temporary surface that will allow the patient to resume normal activities. A follow up appointment will be scheduled with a dentist to arrive at a more permanent, long term solution.

Lost crowns or fillings are another type of problem often seen in emergency dental clinics. These commonly are the result of the filling or crown slipping from its position, exposing the hole in the tooth underneath. Simply speaking or breathing through your mouth can cause considerable pain. A visit to emergency dentist will have the dentist filling in the cavity with a temporary filling, and follow up with your regular dentist to properly fix the tooth.

More critical dental emergencies such as an abscess, can be life threatening in certain situations and so require immediate action by the dentist. They may decide to cut into the abscess to drain out the fluid, followed by prescribing an antibiotic to reduce the possibility of an infection.

These are the major services offered by 24 hour dentist services. Like a hospital emergency room, their objective is to deal with the major issues and problems that are not life threatening or significantly affect the patient’s health are referred for treatment during normal hours of practice.

Where To Find A Dental Emergency Service

Finding an emergency 24 hour dentist is as easy as calling our 24 hour, 7 day a week hotline. Please dial the number at the top of your screen and you’ll be connected with a 24/7 operator who can get you hooked up with a local 24 hour dentist in your neighborhood in minutes.

Of all this information, the most important fact you should take away is that there are 24 hour dentist services available to help you with your situation. You do not need to wait until next week to resolve a major dental problem. Prepare yourself in advance and make the phone calls necessary to discover the emergency dentists in your area, so when a dental problem requires emergency services, you know where to go for immediate help.