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Emergency dental pain can be excruciating, and many times you find that a common place to have this happen is on a ski trip. The sport can be fun and one of the best vacations ever, but when you are in an area such as Oregon’s Mt. Hood, there can be a high risk for accidents. Finding a 24 hour dentist in Oregon is a snap with our easy to use portal, and you’ll be relieved to know that you will soon find your way into the chair to be examined, instead of worrying about the intensifying pain throbbing in your mouth. It’s not just teeth that are prone when you take up activities like skiing, you can unfortunately also have an incident involving your jaw, or biting down on your tongue or lip too quickly. The pivoting and motion involved with these sports can lead to accidents that spell pain in a hurry, and that’s where we come in. If you are in a rural area or one that is a ski town, the last thing you are going to want to do is thumb through dental listings to see who is open: we can locate a 24 hour dentist in Oregon for you quickly and efficiently.

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All the way from Portland to Bend and the Pacific, this area of the northwest is one where many are moving to for job opportunities and recreation. Many bike messengers work their way through the streets with important documents, and areas with a heavy flow of traffic can be susceptible to accidents. Finding an emergency dentist in Oregon is a snap with our portal; we got to work on this service right away when we realized the urgent need that people have looking for an emergency dentist in Oregon. If you have an accident like a cracked tooth, we are standing by to help you locate the professional you need, when you need to locate one quicker than ever. If you have been putting off routine trips to the dentist, the plaque buildup could lead to the need for a technique called scaling, where they do extensive cleaning up of this buildup. It can lead to pain that will make you think you have an abscess or even a need for an extraction, so it’s best to find an emergency dentist in Oregon quickly.

The ninth largest and 26 most populated state in the nation, Oregon has long been a prime destination. You can see experience the Pacific Ocean and the mountains, within a few hours drive of each other. Mount Hood is the highest peak in the state, and Crater Lake National Park is a destination that is the fifth oldest park in the nation. The ninth deepest lake in the world, it is known for having one of the deepest and most beautiful colors of blue that one could ever experience. Portland is a city where you can experience slow rain, a booming microbrewery and culinary experience, and rub shoulders with about 60 percent of the state’s population. A 2012 survey of third graders in Multnomah County showed that 50 percent of them had a cavity of some sort, a 10 percent decline from the year 2007. Increased awareness statewide of the importance of brushing and flossing is a very positive sign for Oregon, and even many rural areas do not have as high of dental caries rates as southern and midwestern states overall.