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From the shores of Narragansett to the busy downtown area of Providence, the Ocean State has many passing through here to see leaves during the fall, visit friends in college, and coming through to other states such as neighboring Massachusetts. Many situations can arise where you need a 24 hour dentist in Rhode Island: From a cracked tooth to the fear of an abscess, they are all quite unpleasant and fearful. When an emergency does occur, the best thing to do is for you to stay as calm as you possibly can, and not be running up and down the stairs, or making quick movements to further aggravate the injury. We have spend lots of time perfecting our network of 24 hour dentist in Rhode Island contacts for those passing through who become frustrated and feel as if they are out of luck, and slowly losing their sanity. Just one quick phone call can get you in the dentist’s chair to be looked at, and get a diagnosis for the pain that has been gnawing at you or a family member the last few days.

24 hour dentist in rhode island

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When we talked to people about the urgent need for our portal, they complained that on days like Sunday and late nights, it was nearly impossible to find an emergency dentist in Rhode Island. They felt as if they were never going to be comfortable or pain free again, and some of them could not get time off of work to see the dentist during usual daytime hours. We then realized that the need for the portal was so great because on weekends is one of the prime times during which activities arise where you can get injured. When it comes to surfing, this state has some great breaks in areas like Point Judith, and many come here after hurricanes to catch the swells that hardcore riders crave. This is one sport that can be very hard on the teeth! Hopefully a cracked or knocked out tooth never occurs for you, but this is just one very fast moving, ever changing ride, as you are getting tubular on very fast and punishing waves! You will want to receive top notch care quickly if you ever encounter tooth problems from action sports in the water.

This smallest state in the union is home to ivy league school Brown University, Basketball greats Providence College, and pristine blue locations such as Newport where “Meet Joe Black” was filmed. It was the first of the original 13 colonies to officially declare independence from the British, two months before any of the others. Since many from Boston have chosen to move here, real estate prices have risen, and this has concerned many long time residents. Rhode island has the highest salary for elementary school teachers in the country, topping out at $72,000 a year. Some of the companies here leading the economy and driving continuous revenue for the Ocean State are CVS Caremark, Textron, FM Global, Gtech Corp, Hasbro and Amica Mutual Insurance. Although there is still a heavy manufacturing base here, much of the sewing, dressmaking, and fish industries have suffered greatly, and the state as a whole remains thankful that tourism still thrives here generating much money during the warm months. Rhode Island ranked 29th in the country for Medicaid enrolled children that had a dental visit during 2012, and there is still a general concern for high poverty levels affecting dental health in the very urban areas.