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There are a very wide range of things to see here, from the Cascade Mountains to the bustling metropolis of Seattle. You could find yourself on a ferry or drive anywhere in the state and suddenly have a need for a 24 hour dentist in Washington. The biggest complaint from those who suddenly experience extreme dental pain or a dislodged tooth is that the hour is always the most inconvenient it could be. Many college students studying for exams and those working late into the evening sometimes realize right at that moment that they have been putting off their aching tooth for way too long, and need to get an expert opinion right away. There are many 24 hour dentist in Washington clinics who have reported to us that in the case of an abscess, it has sometimes been put off for entirely too long, and that is why it now throbs more than ever. Dont put off getting X-rays or a proper diagnosis; you’ll be instantly relieved to know at least what the steps to a healthier mouth will be.

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One of the times you may need an emergency dentist in Washington most is during the holidays. It may sound humorous, but there are many hard candies and sweets being passed around this time of year, and a hard candy can most definitely wreak havoc on an already cracked, sore, or dislodged tooth. If you are visiting Seattle with the entire family and all of a sudden have one member of your family crack their tooth, that family member will not see much humor in the intense and shooting pain that they may face! When a tooth becomes dislodged, you can help yourself by putting a cold compress on your face to keep the swelling down, but you need to see an experienced professional right away. We wanted to create a portal that would truly help those in their time of need, and finding an emergency dentist in Washington will be as simple as a quick browse through our page or call placed to our 24 hour hotline.

Approximately 60 percent of the state’s residents live in the Seattle metro area, a city characterized by the Space Needle landmark, grey and rainy days, and many bays carved out by glaciers. This is a prime and leading lumber producer of the nation, and commercial fishing for salmon, bottomfish, and halibut makes up a very large piece of the state’s economy. One unique trait of this state is that there are over 1,000 dams here, as many rivers and waterways pose the need for flood control and diversion. Washington State is also one of the most high tech areas in the nation as far as the job market is concerned: companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Valve Corporation, Nintendo, and T Mobile USA all have operations here, along with aircraft manufacturer Boeing. Between 2005 and 2010, the rates of untreated decay have lowered from 25 percent to 13 percent for Head Start preschoolers and from 20 down to 15 percent for third graders. During 2010, there were still approximately 14 percent of third graders still reporting untreated tooth decay.