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Emergency 24 Hour Dentist San Francisco, CA

emergency 24 hour dentist san francisco
It is common knowledge that emergency rooms exist because of the medical accidents that occur constantly. But what about dental emergencies? Unfortunately, emergency rooms are not equipped to handle dental emergencies, and a 24-hour dentist is rare. However, emergency dentists are plentiful and provide emergency dental care if it becomes necessary. Emergency dental care extends from a popcorn kernel stuck in the teeth, to performing a root canal. Emergency dentists do not all have the same hours, but cumulatively, they provide care during the regular workday as well as evenings and weekends.



Emergency 24 Hour Dentist San Francisco


Dental Health of San Francisco, Implant and Cosmetic Center

Dentists: Dr. Charlene Chen and Dr. William Quach
Address: 2407 Noriega Street, San Francisco, California, 94122
Phone Number: (415) 682-2368
Dental Health of San Francisco offers extensive advanced dental care. They are capable of performing the majority of common dental procedures in their office instead of sending the patient somewhere else for care. Dental Health of San Francisco is dedicated to creating affordable dental care and accepts most major dental insurances. For uninsured customers, Dental Health of San Francisco helps them identify other financial options. Dental Health of San Francisco offers emergency dental services as well, standing out from competitors by being open on the weekends. However, they do not provide emergency dental services on Monday’s and Thursday, although they do take appointments.

Office Hours:
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday: Appointment Only
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: Appointment Only
Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 9:AM – 6:00 PM

Washington Square Park Dental

Dentists: Dr. Jared Pool, Dr. Saba Khandani, Dr. Michelle Choi, Dr. Elizabeth Robinson, and Dr. Kevin Walker
Address: 1719 Powell Street, San Francisco, California, 94133
Phone Number: (415) 891-9773
With five excellent dentists and a sizable supporting staff, Washington Square Park Dental is well equipped to handle almost any dental situation. Their practice extends into family dentistry as well as offering options for patients with dental anxiety. The design of their office is modern but comfortable, with cutting edge dental technology for the highest quality of care. They accept a majority of dental insurances, with the exception of HMO or DMO insurances. Washington Square Park Dental offers emergency dental services, complete with same-day emergency dental services.

Office Hours:
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7AM – 7PM
Tuesday: 7 AM – 7 PM
Wednesday: 7 AM – 7 PM
Thursday: 7 AM – 7 PM
Friday: 7AM- 7 PM
Saturday: Closed

Itani Dental

Dentist: Dr. Samer Itani
Address: 450 Sutter Street, Suite 2318, San Francisco, California, 94108
Phone Number: (415) 685-0011
Dr. Samer Itani has practiced dentistry across the globe for nearly a decade. Itani Dentistry is Dr. Itani’s permanent location, in sunny San Francisco. Itani Dentistry provides first-rate care rooted in Dr. Itani’s diverse background. Dr. Itani is recognized as an expert in Sleep and Sedation Dentistry, allowing him to easily care for patients who may resist the dentist. Dr. Itani provides such dentistry services to patients with dental phobia, senior patients, and patients who may have specific needs. Itani Dentistry accepts most major dental insurances. They also offer emergency dentistry services, including the ability to immediately treat cases that require the patient be under anesthesia.

Office Hours:
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Tuesday: 9 AM – 6 PM
Wednesday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Thursday: 9 AM – 6 PM
Friday: 8 AM – 1 PM
Saturday: Closed

Emergency Dental in San Francisco

emergency dental in san francisco faq


1. Are electric toothbrushes better than manual toothbrushes?
The American Dental Association says that a manual toothbrush is equally effective as an electric toothbrush. It has been noted that electric toothbrushes may have the upper hand in certain situations, such as making it easier for people with limited mobility to get a more thorough brushing. Kids are often enthralled by the electric toothbrush, and the novelty of the brush may make kids more interested in brushing their teeth.

2. What should I do if my tooth gets knocked out?
Only hold onto the tooth from the crown, which is the area of the tooth normally visible. Be careful with the roots, gently rinsing them if they become dirty. Orient the tooth correctly and attempt to gently place it back into its socket. If the tooth does not easily return into the socket, do not try to shove it back into place. Instead, put it into a glass of milk, lightly salted water, or a product designed to save a knocked tooth and head to an emergency dentist as soon as possible. If the tooth is returned to the socket easily, it is still critical to head to the emergency dentist so they can clean the area and permanently return the tooth to the socket.

3. I have severe mouth pain, do I need to see an emergency dentist or can I wait?
Always go to an emergency dentist instead of waiting. Pain is a signal that something is wrong. To ensure that your pain does not turn into something more severe such as an infection or gum disease, get to a dentist as soon as you can.


Emergency Dental Situations

Tooth Trauma Caused by an Accident

tooth trauma caused by accident san francisco
For any tooth trauma, the best course of action will always be seeing a dentist as soon as possible. The most common accidents that cause damage to teeth are from sports, often being cracked teeth, dislodged teeth, or a chipped tooth. These injuries occur most frequently when the mouth is hit with high levels of force, such as a football tackle, a soccer ball to the face, or even just tripping and hitting a counter on the way down. Emergency rooms are not well equipped to handle dental emergencies. The only time an emergency room should be involved is if the injury goes beyond tooth trauma. Excessive or uncontrollable bleeding, a broken jaw, or swallowing bits of broken orthodontic hardware are all situations where the necessary care exceeds tooth trauma.



Chipped or Broken Tooth

emergency dental situations los angeles chipped or broken tooth
A tooth is chipped or broken when only part of the tooth is missing, as opposed to knocking out an entire tooth. In the case of a chipped or broken tooth, saving any pieces is important. Rinse both the mouth and the tooth fragments with warm water and make sure to apply gauze or a tissue if there is bleeding. Keep the compress in place until the bleeding is stopped, which should be about ten minutes or less. To avoid any swelling and reduce pain, an ice pack or cold compress should be placed against the outside of the injured area. It is incredibly important to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Getting treatment from a San Francisco urgent care dentist will ensure that there are no complications.