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There is nothing like the utter frustration of perhaps seeing a Lions game in the motor city or going for a trip to the shores of Lake Michigan and realizing all at once that you need to find a 24 hour dentist in Michigan. From excessively bleeding gums to cracked or infected teeth, many things happen in the course of a day or weekend that sometimes have you scrambling to find emergency dental care as fast as you possibly can. One of the reasons why we set out to create this portal is the fact that we know just how maddening it can be to locate care when you are in a sparsely populated area or when the hour is very late. There are some situations in which you may think that you will never find care, and that a 24 hour dentist in Michigan may not be available ever to send you on your way happily. Using our portal will allow you to locate someone who not only is open later hours, but has the skill and efficiency to help you feel better quickly.

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At many times in our lives we come across events that we never want to live through again, and having a very urgent dental emergency is very easily at the top of the list. Part of the real trial of this is the not knowing that occurs when you are dialing multiple listings, and you know that many of them will just tell you that they are closed. A fear that many people have when seeking out an emergency dentist in Michigan is that they finally will find someone who be able to accommadate their schedule, and then the bill will be gigantic. It’s a concern that many who find themselves in need of care deal with: they want to find someone to provide emergency dental services, but don’t want to be trapped with fees they know they can’t afford. When you are looking to get emergency dental care fast, no one wants to be stuck with a bill so high they can’t pay it, and we work on selecting those who will be reasonable when it comes to the most important element: the price.

This state in the Great Lakes Region of the midwest is the 11th largest in size, and has the longest freshwater coastline of any subdivision on the globe. It is one of the most unique states in the union in that anyone in this state is never farther than 85 miles from a Great Lakes shoreline, and this fact makes it very popular among boating enthusiasts and those who love to be out on the water. The city of Grand Rapids has long been known to be big in the furniture manufacturing business, and is an important stronghold for GE Aviations as well as being home to other companies like Amway and Meijer. The metro area of Detroit sees over 15 million visitors a year, and places such as the Sleeping Bear Dunes are visited by many. Places like Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula are some of the most scenic in the union, and the Little Sable Point Light is a stellar place to catch a glimpse of the lake. During the year 2006, just half of Michigan employers claimed that they offered dental insurance to their families, and one in 5 are enrolled in Medicaid benefits. In 2008, it was estimated that the average cost per patient due to dental neglect was around $19,074 per patient.